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People will read. What they won’t do is unquestioningly read on your terms.

Source: People will read | Andrew Spittle

I’ve found this to be absolutely true when working with users of technical products. Many times they would rather talk to someone before spending time searching through documentation they may or may not understand. You still have the opportunity to point them to your documentation, but you also gain a very valuable interaction with one of your customers.


Dropbox Launches Carousel App for Photos and Videos →

At a press event held in San Francisco this morning, Dropbox announced Carousel, a new dedicated gallery app that combines all of a user’s photos and videos from all connected devices in a single interface. Carousel will be available both as an iOS and Android app, separate from the main Dropbox client but based on the same storage space.

I’ve tried out Carousel myself and it is indeed a great app. I like that it takes over the photo backups for Dropbox, and both apps are smart enough to know which one is handling that. This is great news for people whose devices are low on storage base, but are willing to pay for Dropbox storage space in the cloud. They can remove photos from the Camera Roll while still retaining easy access to them using Carousel.

Why the Web Still Matters for Writing

Why the Web Still Matters for Writing →

Many were quick to once again declare “The Web is Dead,” but I’m not sure that conclusion makes sense, at least for writing.

Great guest post on Matt’s blog by Ben Thompson discussing his theory that the web still matters for writing, especially on mobile. While many people spend their time in apps, they also spend time reading content on the web that they find within those apps, so it seems the web is here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

The Prompt #37: The World’s Greatest Podcast Title

The Prompt #37: The World’s Greatest Podcast Title. →

This week’s episode features a very interesting discussion around Apple’s App Store model and the various implications it has for users, developers, and anyone in between. One point that I found quite interesting, and identify with myself, is the Mac App Store. In the same way the hosts mention, I also tend to go directly to software developers to purchase software rather than purchasing through the Mac App Store to avoid the sandboxing and other limitations the App Store enforces. It also makes me feel better when giving money directly to the developers rather than giving Apple a 30% cut, with the hope that the developer will be able to continue making their software better.

Some of Apple’s lemons

Some of Apple’s lemons — 512 Pixels →

While Macintosh hardware is considered some of the most reliable in the industry, the company has had some pretty epic failures in the past.

This is a great article detailing some well known and some other lesser known failures of Apple in the past. The late 2008 MacBook in particular is one I remember well. My wife used one of them all through college, and the palm rest cracking was (and is) very evident.

WP Engine Raises $15M →

WP Engine Raises $15M

WP Engine, one of the largest hosting companies that specialize in running WordPress sites, today announced that it has raised $15 million in funding from North Bridge Growth Equity.

I haven’t personally used WP Engine, but have heard some great things about the service. I think this rather large round of funding backs that up, and seems interesting for such a specialized hosting company. Obviously this speaks to the popularity of WordPress as well, which is always exciting. Maybe if this site ever outgrows its current shared hosting plan, I’ll look at WP Engine to see if it could support my needs, but right now it’s a bit pricey for what I’m doing.

Do you have any experience with them? What do you think of this round of funding?

Matt Mullenweg New CEO at Automattic →

Matt Mullenweg New CEO at Automattic

Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider are switching jobs at Automattic. After joining Automattic eight years ago, Toni Schneider is moving into a product-focused role within Automattic, and Matt Mullenweg is the new CEO.

First off, super excited to work under Matt’s leadership. As many have said, though it won’t amount to a huge change organizationally or managerially, it’s a great thing to see nonetheless. Automattic was founded by Matt 8 years ago, and it’s awesome to finally see him take the reins as CEO. There will undoubtedly be some awesome things coming from Automattic in 2014, and with Matt and Toni’s help, hopefully for many more years to come.

Google to acquire Nest

Google to acquire Nest

I had high hopes for Nest and have always been fond of what they’re doing for home automation, but not sure I want to have the possibility of Google tracking even more about me. Hope more information will be released concerning privacy in the coming days.