WP Engine Raises $15M →

WP Engine Raises $15M

WP Engine, one of the largest hosting companies that specialize in running WordPress sites, today announced that it has raised $15 million in funding from North Bridge Growth Equity.

I haven’t personally used WP Engine, but have heard some great things about the service. I think this rather large round of funding backs that up, and seems interesting for such a specialized hosting company. Obviously this speaks to the popularity of WordPress as well, which is always exciting. Maybe if this site ever outgrows its current shared hosting plan, I’ll look at WP Engine to see if it could support my needs, but right now it’s a bit pricey for what I’m doing.

Do you have any experience with them? What do you think of this round of funding?

Should You Rethink Your Nest Purchase?


Now that Nest is owned by Google, many people have brought up some very legitimate concerns about privacy and are curious if and how they’re Nest data could be used by Google. The folks at Nest are trying to assuage those fears, and have been speaking out a bit on this topic, including Nilay Patel’s interview with Tony Fadell, CEO at Nest.

One key quote from that interview really stands out to me.

But you’re not going to share data with Google down the line.

Right. At this point, there are no changes to our terms of service, and that’s it. That’s all I can say.

I understand that Fadell can’t speak with certainty on the future of Nest with Google, so that probably explains his vagueness about the future. I’m not sure that comforts me though. I’m not an uber-privacy-minded person, but there’s something a bit unnerving about Google being able to access information about my home and away habits, energy usage, etc…

Let’s hope that Nest will stay Nest, and not succumb to the data-monger that is Google, but I’m afraid that might be inevitable. In closing, Nest with caution.

On Switching to T-Mobile

t-mobile logo

Last week after hearing T-Mobile CEO John Legere announce their plans to become the “Uncarrier” I was very intrigued. I’ve always felt like I was paying too much for wireless service, and after looking into T-Mobile’s offerings, I found that I could indeed save some money every month by switching. On top of that, they would pay my ETF from Verizon, so why wait?

So far the experience has been great. Their support staff was able to help me through a few problems with transferring our numbers over, and since completing the transfer things have been functioning properly. I will say that their coverage isn’t nearly as great as Verizon’s in our area, but I’m hoping upgrades to their network later this year will improve that.

All in all I think it was a great decision, now to decide how to use those savings…

Matt Mullenweg New CEO at Automattic →

Matt Mullenweg New CEO at Automattic

Matt Mullenweg and Toni Schneider are switching jobs at Automattic. After joining Automattic eight years ago, Toni Schneider is moving into a product-focused role within Automattic, and Matt Mullenweg is the new CEO.

First off, super excited to work under Matt’s leadership. As many have said, though it won’t amount to a huge change organizationally or managerially, it’s a great thing to see nonetheless. Automattic was founded by Matt 8 years ago, and it’s awesome to finally see him take the reins as CEO. There will undoubtedly be some awesome things coming from Automattic in 2014, and with Matt and Toni’s help, hopefully for many more years to come.

Google to acquire Nest

Google to acquire Nest

I had high hopes for Nest and have always been fond of what they’re doing for home automation, but not sure I want to have the possibility of Google tracking even more about me. Hope more information will be released concerning privacy in the coming days.

Hire by Auditions, Not Resumes – Matt Mullenweg

Hire by Auditions, Not Resumes – Matt Mullenweg →

We hire all of our employees on a contract basis, and all go through a trial. They can do the work at night or over the weekend, so they don’t have to leave their current job in the meantime. We pay a standard rate of $25 per hour, regardless of whether you’re applying to be an engineer or the chief financial officer.

This is a great article by Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg regarding how we go about hiring new employees. Hiring isn’t done based solely on interviews and looking at past work, we actually put the potential employee to work doing the very job they’re interested in to see how they perform. It’s a great for Automattic as a company to see if the person is going to be a fit, but also for the applicant to find out if the job is really a fit for them as well. I imagine more companies will adopt something similar to this in the future to try and improve their hiring process and get the best people onboard.

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Snapchat “apology”

Snapchat – Find Friends Abuse

The Snapchat community is a place where friends feel comfortable expressing themselves and we’re dedicated to preventing abuse.

It’s amazing to me that nowhere in the entire post do they apologize or even say sorry for the hacking and data breach that’s happened. Take a lesson from Buffer and others when responding to events like this and apologize for your mistakes or mishandling of situations.