Target says Justice Department investigating security breach | Fox News

Target says Justice Department investigating credit and debit card security breach, as lawsuits trickle in | Fox News →

Target Corp. said Monday that the Department of Justice is now investigating the retailer’s credit and debit card security breach, as federal lawsuits are starting to trickle in from customers around the country.

If this doesn’t illustrate why the US needs to catch up with the rest of the world as far as credit card security goes, I don’t know what will. Many countries in Europe and elsewhere have implemented systems like chip and pin to try and combat this issue. It seems we either need to implement something similar, or find a better way to transfer money from consumer to merchant electronically. Companies like Dwolla and Square are pioneering work in that area, let’s just hope they make enough impact to initiate the change we need to see.

Jack Dorsey Joins Disney’s Board Of Directors | TechCrunch

Jack Dorsey Joins Disney’s Board Of Directors | TechCrunch:

The Walt Disney Company just announced that Jack Dorsey (co-founder and CEO of Square, as well co-founder and chairman at Twitter, as if you didn’t know) has joined its board of directors.

Interesting move for Disney and Dorsey alike. Will be interesting to see what Disney has in the works that someone as well known in tech as Dorsey can bring to the table.

Apple “Misunderstood” Ad

If you haven’t seen this ad yet, I’d highly recommend watching it. As many people have written about in the past year or more, Apple seemed to lose its way with creating ads that really grip people and instead seemed to focus more on the products themselves, which is very unlike Apple. This commercial seems to really get back to that emotional touch that’s needed for people to connect with a particular brand. Enjoy!