The Prompt #37: The World’s Greatest Podcast Title

The Prompt #37: The World’s Greatest Podcast Title. →

This week’s episode features a very interesting discussion around Apple’s App Store model and the various implications it has for users, developers, and anyone in between. One point that I found quite interesting, and identify with myself, is the Mac App Store. In the same way the hosts mention, I also tend to go directly to software developers to purchase software rather than purchasing through the Mac App Store to avoid the sandboxing and other limitations the App Store enforces. It also makes me feel better when giving money directly to the developers rather than giving Apple a 30% cut, with the hope that the developer will be able to continue making their software better.

Some of Apple’s lemons

Some of Apple’s lemons — 512 Pixels →

While Macintosh hardware is considered some of the most reliable in the industry, the company has had some pretty epic failures in the past.

This is a great article detailing some well known and some other lesser known failures of Apple in the past. The late 2008 MacBook in particular is one I remember well. My wife used one of them all through college, and the palm rest cracking was (and is) very evident.