iPad mini retina


There have been plenty reviews from every conceivable news outlet on this device, so I won’t try to recreate any of those. I just want to give you my personal thoughts on the device and why I chose it over the iPad Air.

Let’s back up for moment. Working at Automattic┬áhas many perks, one of those being a great mobile testing program in which we can all purchase and expense up to one mobile device per year for testing and troubleshooting purposes related to our jobs (yes, we’re hiring). I immediately knew I wanted to get an iPad, as I’ve never owned one but often come across cases where it would be great to have one handy for testing, as well as just for everyday use. With the recent announcement of new iPads, it was a great time to look into purchasing one.

The iPad Air was released for, and so I was able to visit my local Apple Store to hold it and compare it to previous models. It’s definitely way lighter than older iPads, but for me, I didn’t want the large screen as I’m aiming for maximum portability and usability. While I wasn’t able to compare it to a retina mini, I was able to at least do a size comparison and see how each felt in my hand. I decided the mini was better suited for what I wanted to use it for, including writing, reading, and general web browsing because it allowed me to do all of these things in the smallest possible package while still getting all the benefits of a tablet. The amazing thing is that it has the exact same specs as the iPad Air, so the only decision you really have to make is what screen size do you prefer.

So in the end, I purchased the iPad mini with retina display, and I absolutely love it. It’s my computer when I don’t have a laptop handy. It’s surprising how much you can really do with an iPad these days that not too long ago required a more traditional computer.

Happiness Bar at WordCamp Raleigh

I had the opportunity to help out with the Happiness Bar at WordCamp Raleigh this weekend and had a great time. We were able to help many users from all different skill levels with their WordPress questions. It’s great to hear how folks are using WordPress, and also to hear their frustrations so we can try to make improvements when possible. The bar also provides a great place for people to meet each other and make connections that will help them even after camp is over. Thanks to Kevin and Kris for their help this weekend as well. Between the three of us we helped quite a few folks!

Happy Birthday to me

Today I turn 24 years old. 24. When I was younger it seemed that birthdays could never come soon enough, and as kids you just look forward to the next milestone age. First, it was getting into double digits at 10. Then looking forward to driving at 16. Then perhaps voting at 18. Now, it seems birthdays come more quickly each year, and I find myself not wishing for the next number to come nearly as much as when I was a kid. This difference in the perception of time as you get older is quite interesting, and adds to the feeling that I’m getting old. 30 is only 6 years away…

WordCamp Raleigh

I’m heading to WordCamp Raleigh this weekend (November 23 & 24) to meet up with a few other Automatticians who will be in attendance. This will only be my second WordCamp ever, so I’m pretty excited to compare the differences and similarities between them and how they’re run. There are also some great looking sessions I’m excited to attend and hopefully meet some awesome WordPress users.

The Automatticians that will be there will also set up a Happiness Bar between sessions and during breaks, so if you or anyone you know have WordPress problems or questions, feel free to come find us!

Good Support Means Fast Support

When you contact a company’s support department, you want to ideally hear back pretty quickly, right? Fast responses seem to convey the feeling that the company is there, waiting to hear from you and help you with your problem. Oftentimes if it takes more than 24 hours for me to hear back from a support team, I feel that they don’t care enough about my issue to respond quickly. This is obviously based on many factors I have no knowledge of, such as the size of their staff and volume of requests they receive, but nonetheless, I think we’ve all felt this before.

In my humble opinion, if you’re not providing fast support to your customers, you’re doing the a disservice. They trust you with their business, and so you should be prepared to help them quickly when the need arises. It’s not always easy to provide this level of service, but I believe it’s something worth striving for.

What do you think?