I haven’t written anything here in a while, which I hope to change in 2016. As I write this, the CFB National Championship game was last night, which Alabama won by 5 points over Clemson. It was a heartbreaking loss for Tiger fans, but still an amazing end to a season that I’m sure we’ll look back on and say was the beginning of a real turning point in Clemson football.

I’ve been a lifelong Clemson fan, and actually happened to be attending Clemson at the time Tommy Bowden was let go, with Dabo being brought in as the interim coach for the remainder of that season. From that point on, he’s been building this program towards this goal, and while they came in second this year, I have no doubt they’ll be back in the spotlight next year, hopefully with a national title at the end to show for it.

[Image credit: @ClemsonFB]

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