Writing the Internet You Want to Read

This is something I’ve been hearing lately, especially from Shawn Blanc on his members-only podcast Shawn Today. The Internet is full of writers and blogs each trying to push their ideas or opinions. Many times these writers are writing to make money. This leads to some not-so-great content being published every day. Then there are those of us who are interested in creating good content that people are genuinely interested in. That’s where the idea of writing the Internet you want to read comes in.

I love reading great articles, especially about all things tech related. I also love writing (hopefully) good articles about tech. I’m not in it for the money or fame, I just love the act of publishing my thoughts for others to read and engage with. Discussion is one of my favorite parts about the Internet of today, so hearing from someone who’s read something I’ve written, whether they like it or not, is an awesome feeling. Because of this, I try to write things that I would enjoy reading. If I enjoy something, I think others will too, which in turn means that they will share my writing, just as I try to share other articles I find interesting from other writers.

We all have a voice and thoughts worth sharing, so get out there and write the Internet you want to read.

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